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Assessment Center

POLKADR - Personnel Advisory Office working with numerous years of experience in the area of personnel selection procedures has prepared a new product for you. A method of personnel selection Assessment Center is based on observation of human behavior in simulated conditions during given tasks and is being used in the case of recruitment for middle and top management positions in the organizational structure of every establishment. Basics of this method are as follows:

  1. Evaluation of competencies determined as key ones for the given position
  2. Observation of behavior in situations which are as close to reality as possible
  3. Gathering of evaluation information from several sources

Since the assignments used in the test take into account the specifics of the company where Assessment participants are applying, validity of choice of a suitable candidate for a given position reaches 90%.

While preparing Assessment Center project we always act based on individual agreements and precise diagnose on the needs and specifics of the trade. Only that way we can achieve outstanding results in this area. We would like to invite you to cooperation.