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Personnel advisory services do not consist of recruitment only but as well activities directed for improvement of personnel policy of the company. Tasks undertaken by us in this area cover;

  1. Preparation and implementation of periodic employee evaluation systems
  2. Evaluation of job positions
  3. Description of job positions
  4. Outplacement program
  5. Employee leasing
  6. Questionnaire research of employee opinion
  7. Research of the internal image of the company

The firm consists of people. This is not a very discovering statement, however it is important. It is so important that it should be repeated on daily bases. Since the key for success or oftentimes real cause for failure of the company lays within it. By creating appropriate work conditions for the employees, we are giving possibilities for development of the organization.
Polkadr consultants conduct consulting and project activities, which are always kept fully confidential. We are partners for every organization that expects professional consulting and understands how effective personnel policy is important in functioning of any business.